What To Consider When Weighing The Health Benefits Of Cannabis

There is no secret that the use of medical cannabis comes with very many benefits. For instance, there are very many forms in which you could consume the plant like through edibles, tinctures, and smoking among others. In addition, medical cannabis attends to very many ailments that you may have, thus helping you to kill many birds with the same stone. As if that is not enough, using medical cannabis for health benefits is very cost effective, as cannabis costs way less than the normal drugs. However, even with these health benefits, cannabis also has its dark sides that you need to consider, when making your choice. Below are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Causes mental problems

Although medical cannabis is used to cure mental illnesses, when used in large proportions, it can cause mental problems. In order to understand this, you need to know the compound that cannabis has Cannabis has both THC and CBD compounds, where THC is responsible for the feel good factor whereas CBD compound is responsible for the health benefits. In case therefore you use cannabis that has high levels of THC, you may start experiencing mental problems or get addicted in the process. That is why you are always asked to look out for the THC levels in your medical cannabis, so as to avoid falling into these problems.

Causes respiratory diseases

Cannabis can be consumed in a host of very many forms. You could opt to incorporate it in foods, through vapors, as well as smoking. Many people around the world prefer smoking, as the plant is absorbed by the body almost instantly. However, this means that you will be taking cannabis smoke to your lungs. Therefore, in case you smoke cannabis in large quantities, you increase your chances of contracting respiratory diseases like cough and asthma. In order to avoid these effects therefore, it advisable to consume cannabis in other forms other than smoking, as this will lower your chances of contracting respiratory diseases.

It can be addictive

Another factor that you need to consider when weighing the health benefits of cannabis is that medical cannabis can be addictive. Cannabis contains the THC compound that is responsible for the feel good factor. In case therefore you use cannabis for a long period of time, chances are that you will get addicted to the use of the plant, thus making you a drug user. In order to avoid this therefore, you are advised to buy medical cannabis that has low levels of THC compound and more of the CBD one. This will lower your chances of getting addicted in exponential speed.