8 Things That You Didn’t Know about Smoking vs Vaping THC

THC is the most active weed ingredient of all its components and is associated with the miracle of getting high. Weed consumed in many ways, but here we will discuss smoking vs vaping THC. Smoking THC has been there since time immemorial but vaping is newly gaining its popularity. 


Smoking THC is lighting and heating a joint or bong to produce smoke and is inhaled. Vaping is heating the weed until it turns to vapor. 

Compounds released 

Smoke from weed contains compounds like hydrocarbons, tar, cancer agents, cyanide, etc. Vaporized weed contains higher quantities of THC, heavy metal, Volatile Organic Compounds, and diacetyl. 

Smoking vs vaping THC differential effects consuming the similar THC amounts 

Vaping causes 77.5% of the high feeling while smoking causes 66.4% 

Vaping THC has a 7% higher score in paranoia and anxiety than smoking. 

Vaping participants experience 67.1% dry eyes and mouth, and 42.6% for THC smokers. 

Attention to detail falls by 500% in THC vaping participants and 170% in smokers. 

Blood pressure levels increase to 14.4% Nanograms/ml in vapers and by 10.2% Nanograms/ml in smokers. 

Hallucinations and vomiting are more in vaping than smoking.  

Smoking THC side effects 

Smoking THC causes low sperm count in men. In pregnant women, it may lead to congenital disabilities or/and pregnancy loss. It decreases the immune system and overall health. It increases inflammations, stroke, and cataracts risks. Triggers attacks in asthma patients. Also, veins and arteries may be blocked. Lastly, it contributes to the growth of cancer cells in its consumers in the lungs, stomach, and kidneys. 

Vaping THC side effects 

Your immunity and overall body health weaken. Damage to the lungs and other body parts is another vaping side effect due to free radicals released inside the body. Brain development in Fetus delays and children and teens vapers experience the same side effect leading to slow learning.  

Strong effects 

Vaping THC causes strong altering effects like mind and brain operation, and stronger and faster high feeling compared to smoking similar weed quantity. 

Overall THC effects 

Participants of smoking and/or vaping THC experience hunger, restlessness, dry mouth, anxiety, memory loss, dry and red eyes, coughing, and dizziness. 

Quitting options 

If you are reading this article, you are a weed user smoker/vaper, or you want to start the abuse and looking for the best method to consume your marijuana click to buy. Either way, you need quitting guidelines because smoking or vaping, there’s a lot of negative side effects and addiction is a common risk, so quitting is the best option. The ability to stop using lies within you. The desire must come from within you. Afterward, seek external help from a licensed FDA specialist or doctor or visit a rehab. 


In conclusion, smoking vs vaping THC has side effects. Though vaping is slightly better health effects, both are hazardous, and one should not try either method. If you are addicted, quitting is within reach all you need doing is ask for help from the right people like from FDA members, or specialized doctors. 


Uses of CBD

Cannabidiol, CBD is a group of compounds obtained from Cannabis sativa. It should not be confused with THC which is the prime constituent of Cannabis sativa and is known for its ire effect on people.  Being an extract from the Cannabis family, it is known to cause soothing effect when used and has found a range of applications in the medical arena. 

Uses of CBD 

Having been found to have some behavioral changes in animals, it is believed that this can be successfully transferred to human beings to help manage some medical conditions. Some of its common uses of CBD include: 

Pain killer- it binds itself on nerve endings thus disrupting transfer of pain. Being a natural product with no effect on body functions; it is used as an analgesic in arthritis, inflammation, sclerosis and other ailments.  

Anti-depressant-depression has been ranked as one of the topmost killer of people. Though many drugs have been on supply to manage, they have been found to have negative effect of addiction which eventually results into addiction and dependents. Use of CBD is a natural remedy free of these adverse effects. 

Anti-cancer – cancer is the most dreaded ailment whose cure is not to come in this foreseeable future. However, it unbearable pain and other effects can be managed by proper use of CBD. Pain, vomiting and nausea caused by cancer can be minimized by admission of CBD in relevant dosages. Even though some mild negative effects can be experienced, it is a safer bet. 

Dangers of using CBD

Evidently, the compound is of essential benefit medically and its contribution in improving the lives of people with various medical conditions cannot be wished away, it use may have some undesired effects on users. However, these effects may only arise when the CBD is wrongly used. Some of the dangers associated with using CBDs are: 

Being a cannabinoid, its prolonged use and wrong admission may lead to drug addiction and finally abuse. Consequently, these users may not respond to treatment with CBDs in future which may force them to upgrade to stronger substance whose effects may not be desirable. 

The above uses are just hypothesized. There is no practical evidence on human beings to confirm that indeed these compounds can be used on people to mitigate the effects of the above mentioned ailments. However, there have been successful studies on dogs, rats and rabbits showcasing the efficiency of CBDs in the treatment of those diseases. Presciently, the afore-mentioned animals are an indicator of possibilities in use of CBDs as a cure/ remedy to some ailments. 


With bigger population facing various medical conditions with excruciating pain, it is high time to make uses of CBDs pain relievers to help people live normally. Since their negative effects are not severe in case taken as per expert’s prescription, they can be successfully used to minimize pain. However, stringent laws need to be put in place to curb cases of abuse which may cause societal problems to users and their environs online weed Phantom. 

Ten benefits of medical cannabis you should know

Understanding cannabis 

Cannabis is a plant whose leaves they cultivate for recreation and medical purposes. The dried leaves, seed oil, are the parts that are used to make CBD or THC. They used the stalk of the plant in ancient China for its fiber.    

Cannabis has a long history in its use as a medical supplement BC’s Get Kush. In ancient times, healers used to mix cannabis with other medicines to treat pain and other ailments. In the 19th century, they introduced cannabis for therapy in modern western medicine. The leaves of cannabis were first crushed into powder form and mixed with wine before they administered it—Chinese doctor Hua Tuo who mixed the powder with wine and administered it as an anesthetic before surgery.   

In 1970, synthetic Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main compound of cannabis, was created and administered as a Marinol drug as a capsule. From 1996 to 1999, eight states in the United States allowed the administration of cannabis as a mode of treatment going against the Federal government. Doctors, however, prefer that one smokes cannabis instead of the oral dosage since the effects of cannabis are immediate when it is smoked.  

Cannabis, if used correctly, has a variety of medical uses. However, most people abuse it because of the sensation that follows. 

Chronic pain relief 

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds, most of them being cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have a chemical make-up that relieves the pain one experiences when one has a chronic disease such as cancer. They make life more bearable for the patient.  


Increase the capacity of the lungs 

Smoking cannabis differs from smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes harm your lungs, but cannabis has been studied, and they concluded it increases the size of the lungs enabling uses to get more air through their lungs. 


Aids in weight reduction 

The avid cannabis is usually not overweight. Cannabis helps regulate your body’s caloric intake and also regulates your insulin.  


Regulates and prevents diabetes 

A research paper by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis found that cannabis stabilized blood sugar levels, lowered blood pressure, and improved blood circulation in the body. The effect has on insulin also aids the body in preventing diabetes in patients. 


Treatment of cancer 

Medical journals document the use of cannabis and its success in fighting some types of cancer. THC and CBD kill certain cancer cells or slow their progression in the body, therefore successfully killing them off. The slowed progression increases the chances of survival of cancer patients by a large margin. 


Treatment of depression 

Depression is very widespread that most people don’t even know that they have it. Endo-cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis are very good mood stabilizers, and they help ease depression.  


Treatment of autism  

Cannabis has a calming effect on its users. Cannabis can be useful in reducing the angry outbursts that children with fragile X syndrome have.  


Seizure regulation 

Some studies are currently being carried out that have shown the promise that cannabis has on regulating seizures. The seizure regulation qualities will drive its application in its use in patients with epilepsy.  


Mending of broken bones 

The Bone Research Laboratory in Tel Aviv has found out that cannabidiol aids in the healing of broken bones and quickens healing. It also helps ensure the broken bones are strengthened and hard to break in the future.  


Helps with ADHD and ADD 

Individuals with ADHD and ADD have challenges in focusing on any task. They have problems with cognitive performance. Cannabis has shown progress in assisting people with ADHD/ADD focus and is considered much safer than Adderall and Ritalin, which are mostly used to treat patients with ADHD and ADD. 



Cannabis has both great and bad effects and side effects such as addiction. When used for medical, cannabis is safe as they will use it per the doctor’s prescription. When used for recreational purposes, it may lead to an addiction that will have withdrawal symptoms, eventually leading to its dependency.  

You need to be careful when using cannabis as a treatment, and again, it should be strictly be used under the advice of a doctor.  


Daily CBD intake health benefits

CBD is a shortened form of cannabidiol. It is an active ingredient of cannabis and also the second most important of all the ingredients. It is also an essential constituent of medicinal marijuana My Bud Place. It can be sourced directly from marijuana or hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. Though it is a component of marijuana it does not have a ‘high’ effect or the other effects that indicate any abuse or addiction. 


CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant as either powder or oil. The CBD oil can be mixed into creams, gels, or put into capsules to be taken orally or applied to your skin. Daily CBD intake can be beneficial to your health. Here are 5 potential medical uses of CBD. 


Anxiety relief 

Anxiety is a medical disorder that harms the health and well-being of an individual. CBD intake can help you manage anxiety. It can influence how your brain responds to serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical linked with mental health and receptors are minute proteins that are attached to cells of your brain and help them respond to stimuli. 


CBD helps to relieve anxiety by reducing stress, induce sleep in cases of insomnia, improving symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and decreasing physiological effects of anxiety such as increased heart rate. It can also help relieve anxiety in preparations for events like oral presentation. 



Acne is a skin condition that happens when your skin is filled with oils and dead skin cells. It is caused by several factors that include genetics, underlying inflammation, bacteria, and overproduction of sebum. Based on the properties of CBD which include anti-inflammatory characteristics and its ability to control sebum production, it can help treat acne. 


Fighting-related cancer symptoms.   

 The medicinal drug properties of CBD help give it anti-tumor effects. It suppresses the growth and spread of cancer cells if they already exist and promote their destruction. Cannabidiol can also cut back symptoms of cancer like depression, pain, and sleeping disorder. The symptoms after chemotherapy; vomiting and nausea, are at times so intense that cancer patients delay treatment or stop attending therapy sessions. Using CBD spray can help control these symptoms. 


Brain health 

CBD is neuroprotective which means that they help maintain and regulate brain health. This is as a result of cannabidiols having the capacity to improve the efficiency of mitochondria and remove damaged cells, The antioxidant compounds in cannabis reduce glutamate toxicity. Glutamate stimulates nerve cells in the brain causing the cell to be overstimulated which could result in cell death. 


Pain reliever 

CBD oil is taken into account as an effective product for the treatment and management of pain. It helps to treat different types of chronic pain. When it is applied to the skin it can facilitate the reduction of pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory diseases. 


CBD is a potential treatment for alleviating symptoms of many common health issues. Though there is still ongoing research about its effectiveness, the available results make it a worthwhile product to use for health issues. 

The Usage and Legality of Cannabis in USA

It is madness of the highest order for anyone to try and assume the cannabis drug related substances are not in high use in almost all the countries. Either legally or illegally, the use of cannabis is much alive across the world and The United States of America is neither an exceptional of that. The legality of cannabis in USA has been a heated debate in many years. As always, no size fits all, for some of the leaders and the common citizens of the US, the cannabis should be legalized and to some it should not. Different states in the USA have also had different stands on the use of the plant. In the year 1996, it was the state of California that conducted voting to determine wither to allow the use of cannabis, for medical reasons. The voters approved thus making California the first state of America to allow the use of cannabis. That opened up the doors for other states to rethink about the same and before December of the year 2020, 35 USA states had already legalized the medical use of cannabis weed dispensary. 

For the treatment of some medical issues and cancer,2 synthetic drugs have been approved by the FDA in the USA.  The federal of administration still clings to their stand that cannabis smoking offers no recognizable medical reason and therefore terming it illegal. As opposed to many countries and states across the world, Oregon was a standout in the year 1973 becoming the first state of the United States of America to legalize cannabis. That was for certain reasons though, and so the use of cannabis for recreational reason continued being illegal among all the states. This remained the case until 9 years ago when Washington and Colorado made the history of becoming the first states of the USA to legalize the recreation use of the cannabis. 

As things stand, not less than 13 USA states have followed the footsteps of Washington and Colorado. These states include, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Dakota, New Jersey, Vermont, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, California, Michigan and Alaska. All these states, apart from Washington D.C have permitted the commercial sale of cannabis. 

The Legality of this cannabis sale in these states of the USA has since had its impacts both negative and positive, among the people and the government as well.  


The Positive impacts of the Legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to an increase in the national revenue. Through tax from the commercial sale especially from the states that has allowed it, the government can brag a boost of the income. 
  2. It has led to reduction of the number of things defined as crimes. If initially possession of the cannabis and its use was a crime, now it is no longer in the list of crimes
  3. It has led to increase in employment rate among the USA citizens. Some grow the cannabis while some trade it and others trade its products.
  4. Readily availability of the cannabis has led to help in researching more of the plant and its use. 


The Negatives of the legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to increased abuse of the cannabis drugs

2.It has led to an increase of other crimes committed by people under the influence of abusing the cannabis drug. 

Possession and Restriction of Cannabis Sativa in the United States of America

Cannabis is one of the highly abused hard drugs, in quite a several nations worldwide. However, commercially, many business personnel trades on this drug. This is although the possession of this drug is prohibited in other parts of this world, based on its adverse health side effects and its poor contribution to economic development. People usually cling to cannabis, not because it is sweet, but due to its addictive effects and feelings, it brings on people’s behavior. How therefore is the use or possession and restriction of this drug perceived in the United States of America? 

More often than not, there is just a cohort of individuals, who are normally in possession of cannabis without any reason. Their just abuse is based on the influences inflicted upon them by other peers. This lures them into even serious possession of the drug, following its addiction effect. In the United States, however, such unnecessary use or possession of cannabis is and remains illegal following the state’s federal constitutional law which regards the controlled possession of substances’ abuse. The law act was established in the year 1970 and it takes seriously into consideration the possession of such drugs like cannabis. 

On the other hand, there are a serious number of individuals who are using cannabis due to their health conditions, claiming that the drug is prescribed for their health. This brings a concern regarding the medical possession of cannabis drugs. In the United States, the use of cannabis is medically legalized. This is based on the recommendations by the medical personnel who in turn, have extended the narrative to reach up to 35 states where almost four-fifth of the residents are inhabitants among those in possession of cannabis in the territories of United States. This goes without leaving out Columbia. 

To some extent, some particular individuals are also in possession of cannabis, simply for recreational purposes. Such people do not own this drug for any major serious life challenge. They are just using the drug for their pleasure and enjoyment. Such possession of cannabis in the United States is only legal among fifteen states, among which Columbia is included. 

Commercially, the use of drugs like Cannabis is illegalized in most countries in the United State. However, the distribution and supply of cannabis are acceptable only in the jurisdiction areas, where the possession of the drug has been made legal. This goes with exception of Columbia. 

In conclusion, even though the possession of the cannabis drug remains illegal, there is still active possession of cannabis components and extracted products. These include cannabis edibles which are made legal by the food and drug administrative personnel. This makes such cannabis-related products to be used acceptably without any fear. On the other hand, some of the other products from cannabis that are being extracted from industrial processes, such as the cannabis hemp products may be embraced or not allowed, based on the ethics and government endorsement that varies from one state to another in the United States. 

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Failure of Cannabis Stocks in Canada


In November 2017, Canadian government announced that it would legalize recreational marijuana from October 2018. This primed investors. Reports said Canadians were spending about $5.6 billion annually on black market marijuana. Analysts predicted that sales of legal marijuana would hit $4.3 billion in 2019 and reach $6.5 billion the following year. Many companies came to being, with the main ones seeing their stock prices skyrocketing within a very short time.

What led to the crash?

Trouble started smelling early. The cannabis industry became overpriced, outperforming the combined market limit of publicly traded grocery chains, notwithstanding its minimal international exposure. This indicated that people would in future buy more cannabis than groceries, which is a fallacy. Analysts warned that the cannabis companies’ high was unsustainable.

This year, cannabis stocks have crashed, and it may take a while for things to get better. Companies stock price have plummeted to below a third of the price they were a year ago.

Other Causes of Failure of Cannabis Stocks in Canada

Poor sales due to:

Slow establishment of the Cannabis Act into law

This made growers unwilling to make huge capacity expansion projects. A majority of growers are still building their capacity, leaving supply far below domestic demand.

Guidelines by the regulator, Health Canada

The process of compliance to these guidelines for all in the value chain from growers to retailers, has led to a shortage of packaging material, leaving unfinished cannabis on the sidelines.

(3) Uncompetitive prices

Average retail prices for legal cannabis are nearly double those of the illegal market. This makes company sales well below expectations leading to losses.

(4) Loss of Trust through Poor Corporate Governance

There has been some management shake-ups in some firms, which has tainted the industry reputation.

Regulators expect cannabis firms to strengthen corporate governance including disclosures on cross-holdings.

(5) Regulatory bureaucracy of Health Canada.

  1. In its role of reviewing, approving or denying cultivation, processing and trading license applications, the regulator has had a huge backlog of applications, with some waiting for answers for more than a year.


  1. Government has limited the number of distribution channels and store outlets, seriously affecting accessibility of the legal cannabis products. This makes it extremely difficult to realize the expected revenues.


  • Slow implementation of the Cannabis 2.0 bill meant to allow more countrywide sale of more cannabis based products like edibles, vapes and infused beverages.


The effort to hit on the black market through legalizing and regulating sale of marijuana has been a positive step taken by the Canadian government Tale of Two Strains BC. This has however met teething problems through false steps by both the practitioners and the regulator. This can be resolved by bringing together the regulator and the private sector players, to salvage the industry from a total collapse.

Benefits of using medical Cannabis for health issues


Cannabis has been criticized in the United States for many years, but with the arrival of medical marijuana, all those negative thoughts concerning cannabis have become something of the past. This indicates that marijuana can be cheered for its several health issues benefit. Therefore, the paper will explore the benefit of using medical marijuana for health issues. 

Cannabis fight cancer 

One of the main reasons that marijuana is gaining a lot of talk regarding whether to be legalized or is because of its help to heal your body. The most fundamental and widely recognized benefit of cannabis is its treatment of cancer. So, people can now smile, having known that cannabis helps treats cancer because cancer is currently the number one killer worldwide. Based on numerous studies done in the United States, it was found out that marijuana can kill cancer cells. As well, it was found out that it helps the patient relieve stress and deal with the pain of cancer. 

Cannabis can help you lose weight 

Marijuana does not make you hungry as believed by many people but preferably intensifies your taste buds. Based on numerous research, it has been found out that medical marijuana users are thinner than non-users. This is because marijuana helps in regulating the production of insulin in your body, which in turn helps you in managing caloric intake. 

Help treat depression 

Cannabis has been known for its name ‘green Prozac ‘because of its capability to assist in the treatment of depression. Depression is one of the mental illnesses that is least talked about in the United States regardless of its being the most common. Even though there is no conclusive proof that medical cannabis treats depression in the long term, several studies have recommended that it does. It is shown that when taken in, a small amount, it increases the serotine level in your body. The increased serotine will, in turn, act as anti-depressant hence reducing depression. 

Help regulates diabetes 

It’s fundamental to know that medical cannabis is effective when it comes to treating and preventing diabetes. This is because of its ability to regulate insulin production and body weight. So, people with diabetes should consider taking medical marijuana. 

Medical marijuana can be used in the treatment of ADHD

People used to believe that smoking weed causes memory loss and a lack of ability to concentrate among the users but that not the case when taken in moderation. Based on the fact, it’s clear that when taken in moderation, it helps improve concentration. As well, it considers being effective, safer, and cheaper than other prescribed drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall. So, people should consider medical cannabis Shiva Buzz online when it comes to the treatment of ADHD.


It very important for the people to consider the benefits mentioned above of cannabis regarding health issues and weigh with its negative side. In doing so, they will know whether to use marijuana or not. As well, the government will decide on whether to legalize it or not.

What To Consider When Weighing The Health Benefits Of Cannabis

There is no secret that the use of medical cannabis comes with very many benefits. For instance, there are very many forms in which you could consume the plant like through edibles, tinctures, and smoking among others. In addition, medical cannabis attends to very many ailments that you may have, thus helping you to kill many birds with the same stone. As if that is not enough, using medical cannabis for health benefits is very cost effective, as cannabis costs way less than the normal drugs. However, even with these health benefits, cannabis also has its dark sides that you need to consider, when making your choice. Below are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Causes mental problems

Although medical cannabis is used to cure mental illnesses, when used in large proportions, it can cause mental problems. In order to understand this, you need to know the compound that cannabis has Cannabis has both THC and CBD compounds, where THC is responsible for the feel good factor whereas CBD compound is responsible for the health benefits. In case therefore you use cannabis that has high levels of THC, you may start experiencing mental problems or get addicted in the process. That is why you are always asked to look out for the THC levels in your medical cannabis, so as to avoid falling into these problems.

Causes respiratory diseases

Cannabis can be consumed in a host of very many forms. You could opt to incorporate it in foods, through vapors, as well as smoking. Many people around the world prefer smoking, as the plant is absorbed by the body almost instantly. However, this means that you will be taking cannabis smoke to your lungs. Therefore, in case you smoke cannabis in large quantities, you increase your chances of contracting respiratory diseases like cough and asthma. In order to avoid these effects therefore, it advisable to consume cannabis in other forms other than smoking, as this will lower your chances of contracting respiratory diseases.

It can be addictive

Another factor that you need to consider when weighing the health benefits of cannabis is that medical cannabis can be addictive. Cannabis contains the THC compound that is responsible for the feel good factor. In case therefore you use cannabis for a long period of time, chances are that you will get addicted to the use of the plant, thus making you a drug user. In order to avoid this therefore, you are advised to buy medical cannabis that has low levels of THC compound and more of the CBD one. This will lower your chances of getting addicted in exponential speed.

Important Aspects In Marijuana Packaging

The cannabis business has been legalized in many states of the US and it is utilized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Many entrepreneurs are joining this market and the competition is relatively stiff. As an entrepreneur, there are various strategies that you can apply to ensure that you succeed in this market. Key among these tactics is to come up with a unique packaging product that will not only preserve your product but will attract and retain clients as well. This article will explore some key aspects of cannabis packaging as follows:

  1. Regulatory environment-It is important to consider the regulatory and legal environment that you operate in before you start making your marijuana packaging products. You need to consider the safety requirements of your packaging by ensuring that the product is tightly sealed and does not leak nor produce odour. The question of visibility of your product while being displayed in a dispensary must also be considered. Some jurisdictions do not allow the product to be visible when it is in the package. Your packaging material must be child-resistant, must not produce odour and must be completely covered.

In order to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of your state, it is important that you thoroughly read them or hire a lawyer to assist you to know how you can apply them.

Client tastes, needs and preferences– Most clients prefer an appealing product that has dense colours, is large and well-trimmed. When designing your package, it is important to capture these attributes so that you appeal to the client.

  1. Preserving and conveying quality-The packaging material you use must preserve the quality of cannabis products that you deal in. it is important to ensure that you use a protective packaging material that does not let in moisture and any smell.
  2. Attraction-The packaging material must be designed in such a way that it is able to appeal to clients. Clients are able to know your products through its package buy weed online with Flowerpwr In case you want to catch their attention, it is important to have the package well designed and appealing. You need to use attractive colours, appealing images and attention-catching graphics.
  3. Unique experience-When you create an excellent and package it in an appealing manner, Westcoast Botanics online clients who buy it will have a unique experience with it. They will always want to come back and purchase the product.
  4. Brand story-The quality of packaging says a lot about you as a company. There are various messages that you convey through packaging. For instance, through the images and graphics that you apply, you may say that you’re an eco-friendly company. The way you package your products conveys various messages to your clients.

Vaping And Smoking

You can either vape or smoke Cannabis products. These two have many similarities but are not the same.

Differences between vaping and smoking

In smoking, the bulk material is burnt though the combustion process hence turning the CBD into other products causing the entourage effect where these products are absorbed all at once causing different effects. Vaping, on the other hand, is specific and only a single product can be used. In vaping components of the cannabinoids are consumed in isolation

The amount of psychoactive ingredients is much higher in smoking than in vaping. This means the effects are much more amplified when you smoke compared to vaping. It is possible to isolate THC in vaping but very hard in smoking.

Vaping is more addictive than smoking because the body system becomes used to a singular component in the case of smoking. Sometimes the vaping extract is from a singular plant part depending on the company. Smoking, on the other hand, is not part specific therefore the components absorbed vary with the type and duration of storage

Vape smoke from Get Kush has little mass content than the smoking generated during smoking. Vape uses some sort of vapour but smoking produces heavy smoke as is it is the norm during the combustion process.

Vaping is monotonous and very much one directional compared to smoking which leads to absorption of various components and a very different effect.

Vaping is very much cost effective because every component is accounted for. Smoking on the other hand loses so many products which can be viewed as a loss. There is very little chance of side stream smoking in vaping which is a different case when it comes to smoking cannabis dispensary

Vaping however is more expensive. The cost of vape juice is very high in the market. The source of smoking material is low and readily available. Vaping juice has to go through a very complex production process.

There are some similarities despite all these differences

Similarities between vaping and smoking

In both cases the absorption into the bloodstream is very fast since you avoid the lengthy digestion process. Once smoked or vaped the products go directly into the lungs and become absorbed into the bloodstream. From here the circulation is fast and the impact is felt almost immediately.

These methods are both a hazard to the environment. Even though it is at varying levels, there are particles that end up in the environment which might be a risk to people who don?t consume or are allergic to cannabinoids These methods pose a health risk to the respiratory system through their consumption one faces great risk of suffering from ailments such as lung cancer.

Variety is the spice of the world and whatever sails your boat should have the ability to make you comfortable since we cannot all consume things the same way.

Dangers Of Marijuana Intoxication And Driving

At the moment, eight US states including the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana. More than thirty states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Research carried between 2007 to 2014 by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that 12.6 percent of drivers tested positive for marijuana usage. As the number of states that legalize marijuana either for recreational or medicinal purposes, the number of drivers using the pot is increasing. Studies that have been done to establish the link between marijuana use by drivers and road crashes have yielded mixed results. Whereas some indicate that impairment by marijuana causes accident, some differ by saying that marijuana use does not lead to road traffic accidents. This article looks at some of the reports done and their conclusion as regards the link between marijuana use and road traffic accident.

  • Traffic Safety Facts-In their 2015 study, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), established that road traffic accident increases by 1.25 times if you drive under the influence of marijuana.
  • Research by insurance institute for highway safety-This research which was carried out between Jan 2012 and Oct. 2016. Its aim was to do a comparative study to determine whether there is a link in increased accident in states that have legalized marijuana and those that haven?t. The conclusion from their findings is that the states that had legalized marijuana had claims that were 3 percent higher than states that had not legalized pot in the period under review.

    The IIHS concluded that states that had legalized marijuana experienced an increase of road traffic accident then states that haven?t.

  • Columbia university (Mailman School of Public Health)– The main findings from this study was that marijuana dispensary use by drivers increases road crashes. The researchers relied on the statistics from over 23,000 drivers who died within an hour of a vehicle accident from the year 1999 2010.
  • The US Department of Transportation– This was a simulation study. Their study concluded that whereby marijuana?s impairment is occasional, alcohol has a consistent impairment. Through the simulation, it was found that speeding and accidents increased when one is under the influence of alcohol compared to when one has taken marijuana.
  • THC Levels– the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has established that using marijuana will increase chances of an accident by intoxicated driver. If these drivers use alcohol in addition to marijuana, they get highly impaired and chances of causing a fatal accident increase. The NHTSA report has indicated that there is an increase of the number of drivers who are using marijuana. It indicates that one in every four drivers tested has THC in their system.

For More Information: 

The Negative Effects Of Marijuana Usage

Many states in the US have legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Although this move is hailed has positive, there are many negative effects that are associated with marijuana. There are various kinds of effects that can be experienced from marijuana usage. Some effects are short-term while others are long-term in nature. This article will focus on some of the effects as follows:

Short-term effects

There are various short-term effects of marijuana usage. These include impaired perception, memory problems, poor coordination, poor thinking and problem solving and increased heart rate. Having an effect like impaired perception is especially dangerous if you’re involved in driving. The loss of coordination and poor judgement will make you cause a fatal accident. Other short time effects of marijuana weed dispensary use include anxiety, fear and panic.

Effects on the Brain

The THC compound found in marijuana makes one feel high and paranoid sometimes. When you apply high doses of THC, you will experience hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, and disorientation. When you have these conditions, you may not behave normally and may need urgent medical attention.

Effects on the Heart

Within a short time of using marijuana, you will experience a high heart rate and a drop in your blood pressure. The increase in the heart rate is dangerous because it can cause other conditions like high blood pressure which may lead to stroke. The users may also be prone to a heart attack.

Effects on Your Bones

Heavy users of marijuana may have their bone density reduced which may lead to conditions like osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Effects on the Lungs

Marijuana usage may lead to a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. Users are also exposed to coughing and may have respiratory problems like the ones found in tobacco smokers. The users are likely to experience frequent chest infections too. The lungs of marijuana smokers are also exposed to cancerous conditions compared to those who smoke tobacco. This is because marijuana users hold the smoke in their lungs for a long period of time. it has been established that marijuana smoke has 3 times higher amount of tar than those found in tobacco smoke. This means that marijuana smokers are more exposed to cancer than tobacco smokers.

Other side effects

It has been found out that THC may impair the immune system from battling the disease-causing pathogens. In this connection, WeedSmart online marijuana smokers are prone to bacterial infections and tumours.

Marijuana and pregnancy

Studies have indicated that expectant women who use marijuana may experience various side effects. The baby born after being exposed to marijuana may have many problems like poor coordination, epilepsy, poor memory etc.

Benefits Of Buying Your Cannabis Online In Canada

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has raised the demand for the product, as more people continue buying the product openly and freely. With technological advancements, many of cannabis consumers are increasingly getting it from online source, as they find it more convenient. However, in case you intend to buy your cannabis from online sources, it is important to take great caution so as to get high quality cannabis. Below are some of the benefits that you get from buying cannabis online over the physical cannabis stores.

You can shop from the comfort of your home

One of the leading benefit of buying your cannabis from online sources in Canada is the convenience that you get. This is because you do not have to physically visit the store, as all you need is log into the website in which you intend to buy your cannabis from and clicking the order button. This therefore gives you the leeway to get your cannabis promptly, without even leaving your bed or home. This does not only saves you a lot of time which you would have used to visit the dispensary but also save on the travel costs.

You do not have to talk to anyone

In case you feel anxious of talking to people while buying weed due to the fear of being victimized, all is not lost as you can buy it from online platforms. The good thing with buying cannabis from online sources is that you do not have to talk to anyone. You only need to log into the website, scroll through the cannabis products that they sell and choose the one that best suits you. This therefore helps you to take your time to decide on the product that you need, thus making the right choice.

Gives you a wide selection of products

One of the problems that many cannabis dispensaries come across is the lack of space to display their goods. This in turn makes them to not display some of the products as there is no space. This in turn curtails you from choosing from a wide array of cannabis products that they have, as you only see what is in the display. However, in the online platforms, space is unlimited as cannabis products are displayed in websites, thus giving you freedom of choosing cannabis products from a wide array of products.

Gives you better prices

Another benefit that places online cannabis dispensaries ahead of the physical ones is its ability to offer better deals. It goes without saying that cannabis online stores have a large customer base which means that they can afford to offer lower prices than the physical dispensaries. This in turn helps you to save on large sums of money, which you can use for other purposes.

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The Economic Reasons That Should Push For The Legalization Of Cannabis In USA

The legalization of Cannabis in USA is something that has been in discussion for the longest period of time. However, there are a number of economic reasons that go to show why cannabis legalization is something that may end up making a lot of sense. If you were to have a look at cannabis in terms of how much money can be brought it, below are some of the economic reasons that show why going for this idea is bound to come with numerous benefits.

  • It is able to raise the substantial amount of the revenue that is coming in for either state or federal governments

The most important thing that needs to be understood first is that the legalization of Cannabis in USA is able to put in a lot of money into the different pockets of federal governments and individual states. According to statistics that were carried out, it was found that this legalization would bring about a total of $131.8 billion in taxes if it is to be collected between the year 2017 to the year 2025. There are so many benefits that can come with choosing to go with this kind of decision. Also, the money that is made in taxes is bound to be highly beneficial especially to the federal government and the states that are involved.

  • It is a way of creating more jobs

The legalization of Cannabis in USA would have a great and positive impact on the economy in that it is going to bring about a boom in the creation of jobs. The same study that was carried out found that this legalization successfully going through to the year 2025 would lead to a total of 1.1 million jobs that are going to be created. Wondering where these jobs are going to come from? Well, this is going to be from the need to hire workers who are going to be put into direct contact with the marijuana plant. There will be a need for processors, distributors, farmers and even retailers.

  • Investors will be able to benefit from its long-term growth

Another economic reason as to why there should be the legalization of Cannabis in USA is the fact that investors will be able to be put on track which in turn will ensure that they are able to retire in the most comfortable manner. However, as much as cannabis growth is also bound to have its own pitfalls just like any other industry, the main point here is that the longer cannabis remains to be illegal, investors are still unable to take advantage of the huge growth potential that cannabis has.

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An Explanation Of The Differences Between CBD And THC

Over the years, cannabis has been a topic that many people are discussing. Many people have their own information in regards to this and as much as this information is easily accessible, some of it is completely confusing to many people. Most people tend to wonder what the differences between CBD and THC are and exactly how they are beneficial to cannabis patients. There is a lot of information that has been shared to the public in regards to the studies that have been carried out in the effects that cannabis has on the human body. This research has also shown the effect that it has on conditions like chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy and other health conditions.

So what are the differences between CBD and THC?

When you look at cannabinoids online with Bud 365, you will find that there is a total of 100 of them that are within the marijuana plant. Each of these cannabinoids has been found to have and produce different effects on one?s body. CBD and THC are the most common of these cannabinoids especially when it comes to the wellbeing and health of the individuals who are making use of it. To have a better understanding of what this is all about, it is better to get to understand the differences between CBD and THC.


  • THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol
  • It is known to be a

    psychoactive compound giving its users the high feeling

  • The entire scientific composition contains a hydrogen, carbon and oxygen mixture


  • CBD is short for cannabidiol
  • It comes with a variety of health benefits and it is also able to reduce the amount of pain that a given user experience but it is important to take note that it does not bring out the high feeling.
  • It also contains a hydrogen, carbon and oxygen mixture even though all of them are in different proportions.

Other important differences between CBD and THC is the fact that THC has been found to contain carbon molecules that are fewer compared to CBD which is what usually allows them to be able to attach themselves onto the various endocannabinoid receptors that are in one?s brain. The effects that an individual is likely to get tend to highly depend on the receptors that have been engaged.

What are the positive effects that CBD and THC have?


THC is able to help with the following:

  • Reducing nausea
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Treating PTSD
  • Muscle spasms
  • Reducing nausea
  • Difficulty in sleeping


  • Reducing inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Reducing seizures
  • Inducing relaxation
  • Prohibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Reducing anxiety

Safe Payment Methods To Buy Weed Online In Canada With Applications

When you decide to buy your weed online, you may be wondering if the various means that are available for you to make use of to pay once you have already made an order. Since you do not want to end up been conned off your hard earned money, it would only make sense that you would want to ensure that you are making use of Safe payment methods to buy weed online in Canada throughout the entire process. There are different payment options that you should be able to go for but the question here is when you are making the purchase online, how exactly you are going to pay for your weed.

The power that transparency has on Safe payment methods to in Canada

There are various guidelines that have been given out by various institutions in regards to how much these financial institutions can just be able to offer the various financial services similar to what bank accounts are able to offer many clients out there. Very few of these services tend to be open and transparent about the kind of services that they are offering as well as the kind of work that they are able to do. There are those who work hard to ensure that they are transparent with their services as well as the regulators that they make use of. However, most of these services are not usually advertised in the public frequently mainly because they have this fear that they may end up been overwhelmed by numerous requests asking them to provide the services that they are offering.

As much as this is the case, there are many applications out there that work hand in hand with various banking institutions to ensure that users and clients are able to be provided with Safe payment methods to buy weed online in Canada. These applications and systems make it easy for people to be able to make use of integrates, secure and Safe payment methods to online in Canada. This is also a sure way in which dispensaries and online shops can also be able to lawfully make use of the necessary digital payment options and avoid making use of cash even if the order was not made online.

As much as the above may sound like a simple thing, it is important to understand that it is  a big deal what these applications are able to do especially considering the fact that many of the digital payment methods available do not offer you with the transparency that is needed as you are paying for an order that you made.

What Are The New Types Of Cannabis Strains To Be Excited About?

When it comes to the new types of cannabis strains that you should look out for, there are those types that are simply able to help you out especially when it comes to getting the edge off. However, for most of these strains, they have only been legalized in many countries to be used for medicinal purposes only. Worse still, there are countries whereby you will need to have a medicinal card with you so that you are at least able to prove that you are actually allowed to be making use of cannabis. Without this card, it may be difficult for you to go ahead and make a purchase. As you get into your cannabis dispensary especially if this is the first time, you may have no idea of what exactly you should be getting.

However, this should not worry you because there are usually individuals in the who are able to give you a helping hand. The new types of cannabis strains that you should try out include the following:

  • The white Tahoe Cookies

This is one of the new types of cannabis strains that are considered to be a highly complex hybrid. If you are making use of it to treat a medical condition  that you are suffering from, then it is highly advisable for you to make sure that you are getting the right dosage. It has deep relaxation effects as well as soaring euphoria which is why it is commonly used by individuals who are hoping to get a little bit of relaxation.

  • Mimosa

This is one of the best new types of cannabis strains according to reports that were given out by different users. This particular strain has been found to have fruity and a number of exotic phenotypes. The strain not only looks good, but it also has an amazing smell. Talk to an expert and get t find out of this strain is going to work well with the medical condition that you are suffering from.

  • The vision

These new types of cannabis strains are known for the uplifting effects that it has. When a user makes use of this particular type of strain, they are known to have uncontrollable moments of laughter not forgetting the good times that they are going to have. It also has high relaxing effects that cannot simply go unnoticed.

  • Tina

It is one of those Indica strains that come with a noticeably frosty appearance. It has a nice smell and it also has a high level of THC. The strain can also be used in the treatment of different medical conditions as well.

How Legalization Of Weed Changed Colorado And Its Consequences

When it comes to the legalization of weed in Colorado, there were a number of different ways how legalization of weed changed Colorado. This was especially the case when it comes to the  When the state of Colorado went ahead to pass the 64th amendment on the year 2012 Election Day, the Washington state also joined in its footsteps to become the very first state to legalize the personal as well as the recreational use of weed.

Ever since the legalization was done, activists and observers of each and every side of the drug-legalization debate have taken upon themselves to carefully monitor the effects and how legalization of weed changed Colorado. The opponents who were not into this legalization went ahead to claim that it leads to the increase of traffic accidents, crime and other problems that were related to the fact that citizen was now able to now start making use of

As a way to mark the anniversary of the legalization of weed, they went ahead to claim the embarrassing results that were brought about by this legalization. They highlighted in the Gazette that it leads to a series of consequences like the increase in homeless people, the traffic collisions that were found to be fatal which mainly involved drivers who were highly intoxicated with weed On top of this, they claimed that it also leads to the increase of drug violations in the schools of Colorado. When the article was published, it went ahead to receive a lot of enquires from different readers all over the state in regards to just how accurate it truly was. People wanted to know if the claims that were published in the article were actually true or false and if so, is there any kind of evidence that can prove this claim?

On the traffic collisions that were fatal

When it came to this claim, it was based on the fact that ever since weed was legalized, the number of drivers who were involved in fatal crashes was found to be a highly intoxicated with weed. Also, this number was found to have increased significantly ever since the legalization took place in the year 2013. The article was mainly focused on the data that was given out by the NHTSA. According to this data, it was found that all the drivers who were involved in these fatal crashes were found positive with high consumption of weed. Also, another similar point to note is that when it comes to fatal crashes, the drivers involved were tested and found to be positive of weed. There are still numerous reports been carried out so as to prove this.