The Usage and Legality of Cannabis in USA

January 20, 2021 @ 6:15 am

It is madness of the highest order for anyone to try and assume the cannabis drug related substances are not in high use in almost all the countries. Either legally or illegally, the use of cannabis is much alive across the world and The United States of America is neither an exceptional of that. The legality of cannabis in USA has been a heated debate in many years. As always, no size fits all, for some of the leaders and the common citizens of the US, the cannabis should be legalized and to some it should not. Different states in the USA have also had different stands on the use of the plant. In the year 1996, it was the state of California that conducted voting to determine wither to allow the use of cannabis, for medical reasons. The voters approved thus making California the first state of America to allow the use of cannabis. That opened up the doors for other states to rethink about the same and before December of the year 2020, 35 USA states had already legalized the medical use of cannabis weed dispensary. 

For the treatment of some medical issues and cancer,2 synthetic drugs have been approved by the FDA in the USA.  The federal of administration still clings to their stand that cannabis smoking offers no recognizable medical reason and therefore terming it illegal. As opposed to many countries and states across the world, Oregon was a standout in the year 1973 becoming the first state of the United States of America to legalize cannabis. That was for certain reasons though, and so the use of cannabis for recreational reason continued being illegal among all the states. This remained the case until 9 years ago when Washington and Colorado made the history of becoming the first states of the USA to legalize the recreation use of the cannabis. 

As things stand, not less than 13 USA states have followed the footsteps of Washington and Colorado. These states include, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Dakota, New Jersey, Vermont, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, California, Michigan and Alaska. All these states, apart from Washington D.C have permitted the commercial sale of cannabis. 

The Legality of this cannabis sale in these states of the USA has since had its impacts both negative and positive, among the people and the government as well.  


The Positive impacts of the Legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to an increase in the national revenue. Through tax from the commercial sale especially from the states that has allowed it, the government can brag a boost of the income. 
  2. It has led to reduction of the number of things defined as crimes. If initially possession of the cannabis and its use was a crime, now it is no longer in the list of crimes
  3. It has led to increase in employment rate among the USA citizens. Some grow the cannabis while some trade it and others trade its products.
  4. Readily availability of the cannabis has led to help in researching more of the plant and its use. 


The Negatives of the legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to increased abuse of the cannabis drugs

2.It has led to an increase of other crimes committed by people under the influence of abusing the cannabis drug.