The Usage and Legality of Cannabis in USA

It is madness of the highest order for anyone to try and assume the cannabis drug related substances are not in high use in almost all the countries. Either legally or illegally, the use of cannabis is much alive across the world and The United States of America is neither an exceptional of that. The legality of cannabis in USA has been a heated debate in many years. As always, no size fits all, for some of the leaders and the common citizens of the US, the cannabis should be legalized and to some it should not. Different states in the USA have also had different stands on the use of the plant. In the year 1996, it was the state of California that conducted voting to determine wither to allow the use of cannabis, for medical reasons. The voters approved thus making California the first state of America to allow the use of cannabis. That opened up the doors for other states to rethink about the same and before December of the year 2020, 35 USA states had already legalized the medical use of cannabis weed dispensary. 

For the treatment of some medical issues and cancer,2 synthetic drugs have been approved by the FDA in the USA.  The federal of administration still clings to their stand that cannabis smoking offers no recognizable medical reason and therefore terming it illegal. As opposed to many countries and states across the world, Oregon was a standout in the year 1973 becoming the first state of the United States of America to legalize cannabis. That was for certain reasons though, and so the use of cannabis for recreational reason continued being illegal among all the states. This remained the case until 9 years ago when Washington and Colorado made the history of becoming the first states of the USA to legalize the recreation use of the cannabis. 

As things stand, not less than 13 USA states have followed the footsteps of Washington and Colorado. These states include, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Dakota, New Jersey, Vermont, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, California, Michigan and Alaska. All these states, apart from Washington D.C have permitted the commercial sale of cannabis. 

The Legality of this cannabis sale in these states of the USA has since had its impacts both negative and positive, among the people and the government as well.  


The Positive impacts of the Legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to an increase in the national revenue. Through tax from the commercial sale especially from the states that has allowed it, the government can brag a boost of the income. 
  2. It has led to reduction of the number of things defined as crimes. If initially possession of the cannabis and its use was a crime, now it is no longer in the list of crimes
  3. It has led to increase in employment rate among the USA citizens. Some grow the cannabis while some trade it and others trade its products.
  4. Readily availability of the cannabis has led to help in researching more of the plant and its use. 


The Negatives of the legality of cannabis in the USA 

  1. It has led to increased abuse of the cannabis drugs

2.It has led to an increase of other crimes committed by people under the influence of abusing the cannabis drug. 

Keeping Loved Ones Safe from Adverse Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis or Marijuana also referred to as hemp is a genus of flowering plant in the family of cannabacea with three spices namely cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis. Some States in US have legalized cannabis edibles. These are products in your food store that can be mixed with the hemp seeds, oils, leaves and juice to produce some levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) effect in your body.

Cannabis edibles also referred to as edibles can come in form of baked products such as brownie mixes, biscuits and snacks. You will also get edibles in form of candies, beverages, cooking oil and a variety of delicacies such as mints and gummies to provide you with some desired recreational and/or medicinal effects. Edibles provide an alternative way of consuming THC mixed products to smoking and vaping. There are a lot of benefits and consequences of edibles.

The THC component in edibles does not have any nutritional value but can be seen as a type of easy-to-use-drug. Edible products laced with THC will make you high, euphoric and intoxicated to your advantage or otherwise, hence the need for some control and regulations. In the US, “industrial hemp” is classified by the federal government as cannabis containing no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Consumption of hemp-sourced extracts, cannabinoids, and derivatives with THC above 0.3% need to be supervised and regulated to avoid the risk of abuse. This poses several challenges to you and your loved ones.

You need to ensure that children, teens and bets are safe from use and abuse of edibles. Bets and minors love edibles based on how they are flavored and marketed, yet this vulnerable populace may not make sound decision on safe quantities to consume. Some minors take candies and snacks among other edibles to avoid boredom and distressful experiences. THC products are by default meant to arouse you. Don’t be surprised if you get addicted to their usage.

You are obligated to control the quantity and type of cannabis edibles for minors under your care. Teens have often abused drugs in bonding experiences, out of curiosity or peer pressure and when suffering of low self-esteem. Teens can be victims of cannabis edibles. Others may get genetically predisposed to drugs. Just like you have challenges controlling the number of candies and beverages minors may take per day, you may have a challenge of quantities of edibles and frequency of their uptake by minors.

Challenges of Cannabis Edibles

You may be able to control the intake of cannabis smoked but may have difficulties with the consumption of hemp edibles which have different contents of THC. Hardly will you confirm the gram content of all cookies and candies’ ingredients. It is thus difficult to ensure you don’t consume more than 2.5 mg of THC per serving. Note that some edible cannabis products might look like normal food products that you may over use.

It would take you about four to six hours to feel the full effects of herm edible. Consuming the edibles 3 to 4 times will make you  intoxicated and may result to severe anxiety and panic, nausea and vomiting, and symptoms of psychosis (paranoia). It can also jeopardize your driving ability, give you hang overs lasting for many hours.

Ensure you label and safely store edible cannabis out of sight and reach of children and pets. A lot of awareness creation and sensitization is needed to avoid the risk of unintentional ingestion by children and pets.

Conclusively and unfortunately, you have little say over how edible cannabis is packaged, labelled and flavored. Consumers have little control of marketing strategies employed to spur sales of cannabis edibles. Some of these edibles such as chocolates are irresistible, well sweetened and presented in lovely and colorant packages. This poses a great risk to you and all our loved ones. In fact, cannabis and its products remain to be the most commonly used drug in the United States, with 9.5% of adults and 23.7% of youth reporting use by 2015 as opposed to other drugs. So far, cannabis is illicit in many States in the US. Marijuana or cannabis edible remains a major social economic concern in USA.

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Failure of Cannabis Stocks in Canada


In November 2017, Canadian government announced that it would legalize recreational marijuana from October 2018. This primed investors. Reports said Canadians were spending about $5.6 billion annually on black market marijuana. Analysts predicted that sales of legal marijuana would hit $4.3 billion in 2019 and reach $6.5 billion the following year. Many companies came to being, with the main ones seeing their stock prices skyrocketing within a very short time.

What led to the crash?

Trouble started smelling early. The cannabis industry became overpriced, outperforming the combined market limit of publicly traded grocery chains, notwithstanding its minimal international exposure. This indicated that people would in future buy more cannabis than groceries, which is a fallacy. Analysts warned that the cannabis companies’ high was unsustainable.

This year, cannabis stocks have crashed, and it may take a while for things to get better. Companies stock price have plummeted to below a third of the price they were a year ago.

Other Causes of Failure of Cannabis Stocks in Canada

Poor sales due to:

Slow establishment of the Cannabis Act into law

This made growers unwilling to make huge capacity expansion projects. A majority of growers are still building their capacity, leaving supply far below domestic demand.

Guidelines by the regulator, Health Canada

The process of compliance to these guidelines for all in the value chain from growers to retailers, has led to a shortage of packaging material, leaving unfinished cannabis on the sidelines.

(3) Uncompetitive prices

Average retail prices for legal cannabis are nearly double those of the illegal market. This makes company sales well below expectations leading to losses.

(4) Loss of Trust through Poor Corporate Governance

There has been some management shake-ups in some firms, which has tainted the industry reputation.

Regulators expect cannabis firms to strengthen corporate governance including disclosures on cross-holdings.

(5) Regulatory bureaucracy of Health Canada.

  1. In its role of reviewing, approving or denying cultivation, processing and trading license applications, the regulator has had a huge backlog of applications, with some waiting for answers for more than a year.


  1. Government has limited the number of distribution channels and store outlets, seriously affecting accessibility of the legal cannabis products. This makes it extremely difficult to realize the expected revenues.


  • Slow implementation of the Cannabis 2.0 bill meant to allow more countrywide sale of more cannabis based products like edibles, vapes and infused beverages.


The effort to hit on the black market through legalizing and regulating sale of marijuana has been a positive step taken by the Canadian government Tale of Two Strains BC. This has however met teething problems through false steps by both the practitioners and the regulator. This can be resolved by bringing together the regulator and the private sector players, to salvage the industry from a total collapse.